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Your pet friend spends an average of 12 hours a day sleeping. Don’t you think he ought to enjoy it? Our Durable beds are built with your pet’s comfort in mind. We use the finest materials, and utilize the latest technology and each Pet Bed is hand sewn right here in India! Your dog won’t understand why his bed feels so good, he’ll just know he loves it. A classic bed for a classy poochWashable soft Reversible Dog Bed with Blanket for small | medium | large | extra large | size dogs | cats | puppy | pet | rabbit | cushion pillow . Snooze in style and a touch of luxury too! Easy to maintain, you can dust it off regularly or use a lint roller to de-shed the bed. It is also washable. The cushion is washable. Polyfil stuffing makes it super soft and comfortable.

Sofa bed

SKU: 4
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